A Legacy of Craftsmanship
Our company combines a legacy of intelligent design and craftsmanship with modern manufacturing methods to provide a line of new products built to old fashioned standards of quality and reliability. We were originally incorporated in the late 1800s as a manufacturer of gas lamp fittings made of brass. As electric lighting technologies improved, the company manufactured and sold light fixtures designed by architects of the day to grace the ceilings and walls of new buildings of the day. Many of these fixtures remain in place in important architectural landmarks around the country.

The grandfather of the current owner took the opportunity to purchase the company in 1949 to help meet the growing rapidly growing need for architectural lighting specialties in addition to fluorescent light fixtures for office buildings and other structures in the Chicago area. In those days, the Company continued to design and build special chandeliers in addition to fluorescent light fixtures, and other lighting specialties to meet the strict and very demanding specifications of architects.

The present owner learned the business from his grandfather and has managed to preserve the strict standards of design quality and craftsmanship established by his forbearers.

Today the company is situated in Franklin Park, Illinois, a Chicago suburb located just south of O'Hare International Airport. Out-of-town visitors are just a 3-mile cab ride away from the airport terminal.

The company manages a modern flexible manufacturing system with CNC controlled machines that can form the requirements of special designs efficiently and at a lower cost for both large and small quantities. This capacity is well suited to the needs of our buyers and we believe it is the principle reason for our continuing success in a more challenging business environment.

We appreciate your interest in our company and we invite you to contact us about your needs. We have the ability to deliver the lighting product you need on time and at the right price.
471 S Lively Blvd., Elk Grove Village, IL | TEL: 847-451-6500 | FAX: 847-434-0911